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When does this get fun? I’ll even settle for interesting at this point.

I just reached level 3 last night. I decided I’d go for the Good Karma route as much as possible this time through. The primary quest is still “Following in His Footsteps” though I have a few side-quests from Megaton. The next (final?) step to Following… is to find the Galaxy News Radio building.

I’ve been to Arefu and picked up a quest there to find the Family, as well as the quests in Megaton but mostly I am aimless as to what to do and how to set about doing it.

Attempting to follow the Good Karma led me to informing Lucas Simms in Megaton that Mr. Burke hired me to detonate the bomb in town. Simms runs off to confront Burke and tells me to follow. Being fairly lost I looked up the whole quest line. It seems Burke will kill Lucas unless I have a powerful rifle and some fast reflexes to shoot him first. I have no such rifle, and even though the NPCs keep telling me to go to Craterside Supply for weapons, she has none. Ammo yes, weapons no. So what gives? I walked into the tavern last night to ask around for more hints then became concerned over starting the Lucas-Burke confrontation and immediately went back outside. Apparently loading into the tavern was enough — by the time I found Simms’ home to see if he had a rifle, Burke has already killed him and his son is walking around talking about losing his dad. While I’m rummaging through Simms’ belongings Burke shows up in the house and threatens me. Great, now I’ve blown it.

Aside from being bored at this point, and the game being way too dark to play during daylight hours, now I’m already thinking I’ve gimped myself and the storyline. Should I just start over? Does it matter?

Oh, and when the hell does this start getting fun?

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  1. See, I think some people try to win the Bethesda-style RPGs (and, to a lesser extent, Bioware-type games) more than they try to play them.

    Morrowind had its issues, but with Oblivion and Fallout, you really can’t screw up the storyline. If you were, say, a spy in real life and you were supposed to talk to a contact and wind up shooting him in the head instead, the world doesn’t collapse in on itself. Something will happen, whether it’s a new contact surfacing or maybe the friends of your old contact coming around to bmup you off (and if you do that in a video game, the game will probably find a way to “correct” for your actions and advance you).

    Do what you want. Life isn’t always perfect. So you didn’t save Simms? Oh well. That opens up different paths. Save the next guy. (FWIW, I’ve run two characters through Megaton and neither of them saw Burke kill Simms. I didn’t even know that was an option. Neat! I’ll have to try it next time.)

    This isn’t an MMO…you don’t have to use exactly this power and exactly these skills to have the 98.3% chance of killing the big boss (as opposed to a lousy 97.5% chance if you aren’t uber-ed out) and you’re not in competition with anyone but yourself. Want a better gun? If you can’t buy one, wander the wasteland until you find someone with one, waste him (carefully), and take it. This ain’t a game where you just get a +2 gun when you finish a quest (usually). Or use grenades. Or mines. Or a sword. Or…

    (My favorite screw-up so far…playing a “good guy,” I’m rescuing a hostage in a blasted out church. The baddies are all around, so I set up mines at the two entrances. They finally come in one way, set off a mine, and I blow the rest of them away. Now everything’s safe, and I free the hostage…

    …who runs out the other door. With the still-active mine. Karma-go-down.)

  2. The game did not become fun until after I started over. lol I screwed up a lot of the earlier quest chains, so I started over so I could do things a little different and I did start to enjoy the game a little bit more, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea for sure.

  3. I bought the game before Christmas myself, seeing as I had heard so many good things about it and the fact that it mostly got good reviews where ever it had been reviewed.

    So big was my disappointment just an hour into the game where I was asking myself; “How can people find this even remotely interesting and fun, and last but not least, so god damned incredible!?”. Some people rated this the best game to come out in 2007, and as the hobby analyst I am, I would like to get a chance to look inside the heads of those in question.

    The control system is about the worst I’ve ever come across in a game, and don’t even get me started on how you fire off your guns. Even this games conversion of Max Payne’s bullet time if you could call it that, you can bet your sorry arse that you’ll miss non matter what, meaning you’ll soon run out of ammunition and be the first and best prey the citizens in the outside world can come across. Chopped liver anyone?

    I don’t like wasting money, and I’m sure the game is great, if this is your sort of game, which I again I find hard. I’m going to let the game rest for a few weeks until work cools down and give it another go and see I change my mind, you’ll never know.

    … But somehow I highly doubt it *sigh*

  4. It becomes fun when you stop looking up what happens when you follow the quest chains and just play it and accept whatever happens. :p It’s a role playing game. Sounds like you finished your quest line just fine. Of course you’re going to piss off the bad guy when you thwart his plans. I did the quest line differently, but it’s all good.

    As for running out of ammunition, this isn’t a first person shooter. VATS is there for a reason. Use it well and you should do just fine even though ammo is sprase in the beginning of the game. And after you encounter the Brotherhood of Steel early on your way to Galaxy News Radio, ammo just falls from the sky, I never ran out, because there are always Super mutants about to kill who had more.

    But maybe this just isn’t your type of game, and that’s fine too.

  5. I have ammo coming out the wazoo, it’s weapons I need. The little pistol from the guard in Vault 101 isn’t cutting it.

    I eventually looked up the quest because the NPCs kept telling me things that weren’t happening, then I went to complete an optional objective but it never registered as complete. I was lost (figuratively and literally) and getting pissed off so the internet saved the day. Or in this case, didn’t. I already ran into two Super Mutants who killed me pretty quick; can’t say I’m looking forward to seeing more of them until I find some stronger guns or something.

    For now I’m just going to take things as they come. I’ll still aim for Good Karma when I can but it doesn’t seem possible to only be a good guy, and that’s fine too. I asked three people if I could just play once and get the achievements and they all said yes. As soon as I got home and read them, it’s quite obvious I’d have to play three times… jerks…

  6. Well, one of the first quests is from someone in the store to go explore an old grocery store. The bandits inside can be looted for good weapons. Also, there are several weapons caches inside.

    Also, I think there’s an old school (Springvale School) near where you start out. That’s the first place I started, and I walked out with an assault rifle and a hunting rifle and some grenades. The hunting rifle was my main weapon for like half the game.

  7. Perhaps not out and out ‘fun’ per se, but I really enjoyed it for its atmosphere, a kind of virtual post-apocalyptic walking tour more than anything else. I also loved Oblivion for the same reasons. The story is interesting in its own way and worth perusing if you can though. Pushing Sneak as high as you can early on helps a bit with the overall pacing too – less of the constant aggro from four miles away.

    A very subjective title, all in all.

  8. Moira gave me the Super-Mart quest last night and I picked up an extra hunting rifle or two as well as an assault rifle! Now THAT is fun! I took a Karma hit when I stole Simms’ hunting rifle but hey, he’s dead anyway. Not sure how well I could have survived getting to the store to get a rifle if I’d only had the 10mm. pistol at the time though. I’m disappointed at how I’ve (seemingly) botched a few things up so early but I’ll keep going and see how it all ends up. A little unpredictability can be a good thing.

    The next trick will be loading up on Stimpacks or something. Between deaths and healing I’m just about broke already and those mobs do massive damage.

    *glances at tolecnal* Are you an imposter? The REAL lance would never step out of lurk mode! LOL 😛

  9. @Jason W: Sorry man, not sure why it’s sending your comments to the spam filter! For no particular reason I just checked the spam and saw these there before they were auto-deleted.

  10. Go ask Bildo…supposedly he found it fun.

    My son bought the game…TWICE…and hated it both times (the first time he got upset due to playing on normal…and when he saw his friends playing it, decided to try again on easy…STILL sucked)
    Everytime I tried, I was bored out of my skull.

    You are not alone…

  11. It’s not that I hate it, I’m just frustrated. The actual environment is cool to explore. The “treasure hunting” aspect of “move your reticule over each brown pixel in the brown environment of the brown post-apocalyptic world” is extremely tedious. Despite having quests that even put lines on the map, I often feel quite aimless because it’s not as cut-and-dry as “go here, do this, get XP!”

    And it seems like even getting the rifles, I miss more often than not and even with the armor I got in Megaton what seems like a basic noob trash mob takes me down pretty quick.

    I’ll keep plugging away though. The more I get the hang of certain aspects, the more enjoyable it becomes.

  12. Despite having quests that even put lines on the map, I often feel quite aimless because it’s not as cut-and-dry as “go here, do this, get XP!”

    Eek! Freedom! Stop giving me choices and lead me around by the nose, dammit! :)

    There’s XP everywhere. Wander into a settlement and talk to people, half the time they’ll give you a quest.

    As for armor, you can repair armor by consuming similar armor. If you take down three raiders, for instance, take the armor off each of them and use two to repair the first. It’ll be at least halfway decent.

    Also, not sure how much of an FPS player you are — I’m not, and this was tough for me to grasp at first — but use cover, snipe, fight from superior position, etc. You won’t win much by just wading in and exchanging fire with two-three baddies.

    (Praying my comment is accepted…)

  13. I’m a shooter-player from the beginning of FPS, so that doesn’t bother me a bit. I even got tired of running everywhere in sneak mode because it’s so slow, so I just spam the VATS key every so often to find out if there are mobs in range.

    I know about the repairing, the problem currently is that the DR12 armor Moira gave me in Megaton is unique so I can’t repair it. I can pay an NPC to repair it but no money to do so. The armor is down to DR6 now. I can kill molerats and dogs fine, and raiders if it’s only one of them. Multiple raiders, mirelurks, ants, etc. kill me pretty quick and I don’t seem to be doing much damage to them in return. I’m so tempted to start over but, wouldn’t that just put me back in the same situation? If raiders would drop DR6 or better armor, I’d be just fine but so far in the areas I can get around in, they’re only dropping DR4.

    I guess starting over I could put buttloads of points into the small guns skill and maybe strength or endurance. The guy at the game store told me to max out lockpicking so I put my starter points there.

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