DDO: Eberron Unlimited

Is this the “forces at work” that have been delaying Module 9? Is this the so-called “Super Secret” that has been bandied about the forums and DDOCast?

Turbine announced today that DDO will be going Free to Play, though it sounds almost like a hybrid Freemium model. The new DDO will be entering closed beta soon, signups are on the new Eberron Unlimited announcement page, along with specific details as to what premium “VIP” subscribers receive versus the free players. They claim all current subscriptions do not change, so I’ll leave mine alone since I got that $9.99/month thing they offered last year and find out if it changes or not.

I do wonder how they’ll be dividing up the Adventure Packs out of the current content, though. It does say all the Stormreach and vicinity content will be included in the base game for free players. Going off that, I’d say additional places like the Menechtarun Desert, Meridia, and so forth would be in the Adventure Packs. This will most likely affect the way future Module updates are released as well, unless Turbine plans to sell each Module separately to the free players, which is probably not a bad idea.

A DDO Store will be opened for the game and players can buy (get ready for it) Turbine Points (say it with me: “ugh!”) which are then used to purchase items from the store. A quick glance at the VIP vs. Free chart looks like the store will contain the Adventure Packs, obviously, character slots, a shared bank slot, the Monk and other new classes (one new class is in the announcement!), and the Drow and Warforged race.

Personally, I do have a problem paying to unlock the Warforged race since that was always a standard race in DDO. The Drow you had to unlock with favor (DDO’s reputation system) anyway so I’m on the fence about the drow. Separating the Monk class seems on the surface as yet another (yeah, I’m going to say it) “slap in the face” to the Monk, which seems to get no love from Turbine, and while Free players will most likely increase the overall player base, paying for a class will probably mean the Monk will stay relatively rare like it is already.

Regardless, this all sounds exciting, and if nothing else all the DDO servers may see a population increase of players, and that’s always a good thing!

5 thoughts on “DDO: Eberron Unlimited

  1. I have not tried this game before, but might now that it’s free. Problem is, like all things, I’d probably have to buy everything they have in the store to be able to play with others. But, if the game is fun and interesting, its a great way to show it off to potential players, who might end up paying the 14.95 monthly fee.

    Like me. lol

  2. There are too many games trying to compete in the $15 a month arena, new subscription models are a must if you want to stand out now. So I love the idea. I think more games should go this way. Especially some of the interesting, but not quite as popular ones like Vanguard that are sort of on life support.

  3. @Oakstout: I love the DDO combat system (although I’m not fond of those melee players who don’t pay attention that the mob has been dead for 5 seconds and counting while they *swish swish* swing their weapons) and the dungeons are absolutely some of the best I’ve ever played. The problem is without an open world to just “do stuff” in when you’re not in a group, there’s basically nothing to do, which makes the full $15/month a little difficult to swallow for most people. I’m invited to the beta but I’m working for the next few weeks but I’ll check it out towards the end of the month if I can. If it’s going to work the way I think it will, you won’t need to spend a dime on the Adventure Pack content until you get higher level to get into the non-Stormreach stuff. I can travel to those places (well, except Meridia, I don’t think there’s an easy way to get there yet) but I’m way too low level to actually do any of the quests.

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