RoM: Diamond Trading Removed

While trying to get my Knight class to 25 this morning, messages started scrolling that the servers would be shutting down in 30 minutes, then counting down every 5 minutes.

At first everyone was excited, hoping that it meant Phase 1 of the Chapter III expansion was coming today as Frogster stated it would be arriving this week.

Nope! In a bit of a surprise attack against gold spammers, Frogster is using today’s patch to remove the ability to trade Diamonds for Gold in the Auction House.

Dear Runes of Magic Community,

We will be immediately undertaking server maintenance from 10am to 11am PST.

In this maintenance we will be temporarily removing from the Auction House the ability to trade gold for diamonds, and vice versa.  Please note: This will not affect items already being auctioned.

We are taking this action in light of the dramatic increase in the number of gold sellers recently. This is a necessary step to protect you, our true community of players.

As soon as we’re certain that the trading of diamonds and gold between players can safely resume we’ll lift the temporary block.

In the meantime, please be aware that those who attempt to trade contrary to our regulations may have their accounts temporarily banned. The illegal sale of gold through third parties may lead to users being permanently banned from their accounts and from the game as a whole.

Thank you for your consideration,

Your Runes of Magic Team

I’ve noticed the spam increasing, especially the past week. Spammers are even spamming in the World chat channel — some on Artemis have even apologized for spamming World chat! Huh? — which requires use of a Megaphone — an item in the Diamond shop. (There are also Megaphones in the Phirius Token shop but these spammers are level 1 so could not have run enough daily quests to get the Megaphones.) This means the spammers must be spending money on the game in order to spam. Isn’t this the classic argument players use about gold spammers? That developers won’t do anything because the spammers have to have a subscription and are therefore giving the developers money? (Assuming trial accounts have been spam-gimped.) Prices for Diamonds in the Auction House have skyrocketed over the past week, even with the +100% Diamond sale this past weekend. Apparently the spamming must be working; someone out there must be buying these Diamonds — and likely having their credit card info stolen which is then used to pay for the Diamonds the spammers are using to buy Megaphones…  Yeah, real smart, people. Then again, apparently email spam still works too, or no one would still be spamming email.

People are retards.

6 thoughts on “RoM: Diamond Trading Removed

  1. It is really disheartening that gamers really buy illegal gold/stuff from gold farmers in games that depend on the income from their item shops.

    Apparently being a little bit cheaper is enough to catch some morons. But apparently it is not only “some”, but enough people to power a whole “industry”.

    What angers me even more is that the actions of these gamers will have negative impact on me as well. Odd trade restrictions, higher prices, a lot of stuff suddenly becoming “optional”, spam, phishing mails, etc. etc. etc.

  2. @hunter: I’m sure every RoM player will agree the past few weeks has gotten crazy with spammers. Something needed to be done, and I hope this really is a temporary action until they come up with a better idea. On the other hand, I’m hearing there was little or no spam yesterday after the servers came back up so perhaps there’s a new filter in place?

    A lot of players apparently spent time grinding gold to buy their diamonds so they’re not happy about this. I’m too new to have it affect me one way or the other. The removal of sending any gold through the mail seems to have people in more of an uproar than the diamond trading, because they can’t send gold to their own alts, etc. or simply buy materials through the mail anymore.

  3. I’m a little late returning to comment, but I played RoM for 10 months, and the end game for…4 or more months, and even having spent money I had to grind gold to keep up with my guild. Just seems to me like a filter or banning people would be a lot easier on the players than removing diamond trading.

    did they ever fix this?

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