Newbie: Enumerated

It’s been a few months since I’ve played Runes of Magic so I logged in this morning. I vaguely remembered the 3.03 patch for the Chapter 3 expansion had come out last month so this time I remembered to check if my skills had been reset. They had. Last expansion, I had no idea so I was running around with zero points put into my skills and wondering why I was barely surviving each fight with single mobs. If nothing else, free respecs are nice for tweaking builds.

I had left Jerreth in his house to accumulate XP/TP bonuses, which at this point were pretty much full. Once loading into Aslan Valley, my screen was assaulted with messages and a bright little pixie appeared! A Newbie Pet!

This little pet was included as part of the 3.03 patch for characters of levels 1 through 30. Sheesh. Here I thought “newbies” (excepting player knowledge and skill) were primarily characters in the starter zones but apparently Frogster has determined everyone less than level 31 is a newbie.

I checked both Jerreth (25 Priest/25 Knight) (now 27 Priest) and Arwellyn (13 Druid/10 Mage) and in both cases their Newbie Pets were level 10. I don’t have any other characters so I will assume that even for brand-new characters, the Newbie Pet is always level 10. It is worth noting that the Newbie Pet is a non-combat pet and as such will never draw aggro from monsters.

What does it do?

Clicking it brings up a UI dialogue frame that is essentially a small FAQ. The pet has text describing how to get quests, the difference between a normal quest and a daily quest, using the party search system, the transport book, etc. Perhaps useful for legitimate new players who maybe skipped the tutorial or forgot small details but by the time a character is level 10 or so, most of the content would already be known.

At level 11 and above, however, a more useful choice appears on the dialogue frame: Get Attonement Vouchers. Starting at level 11 in Runes of Magic, each death incurs an XP/TP penalty and 70% of all XP/TP you earn goes towards paying off that debt. Retrieving your tombstone will also relieve a large percentage of the debt, if you’re able to get to it. Once per day, the Newbie Pet can place an Attonement Voucher in your inventory which will completely erase the death penalty! The vouchers also stack, so you can collect them even if you don’t use them every day. Once you achieve level 31 any unused vouchers will be removed from your inventory.

The Newbie Pet will also cast a Heal spell on you in combat which will regain 300 health points. The catch is the pet seems to wait until you are in the vicinity of 10% health before it begins casting Heal, which has a two second induction, so it’s entirely possible you may die before the pixie heals you. Additionally the pet seems to have a lengthy cooldown on its Heal spell so while it’s a nice extra “oh crap!” feature, it isn’t something to rely upon if you’re out pulling mob after mob.

The downside to the pets (aside from accidentally clicking them instead of the intended target) is that everyone has them and when you go into heavily populated areas such as Logar and Varanas those little pixies kill the framerate. So please, be courteous and dismiss your pixie (and other non-combat pets) before going into towns!