The Decline of Western Civilization

I’ve been lucky so far this year, being off during the winter storms so far, but my luck ran out this week. My overnight was canceled and my First Officer and I ended up being sent to Dayton, OH for the night and so far today isn’t looking good for rejoining our scheduled trip as planned.

I stepped outside and there was perhaps two inches of snow on the ground. Schools are canceled en masse. I grew up about 30 miles southwest of here and back then, two inches was barely even a “light dusting.” We didn’t cancel school until there was six on the ground and more forecast that day.

Is it just me, or have each new generation of Americans become more carebear than the last? A few more generations and the North Koreans can just waltz in and take over the country without a fight, because the kids can’t be bothered going outside in the rain…

Oh, and you whippersnappers get off my lawn.

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  1. Ha! Sometimes I wonder if it is partly collective mass hysteria induced by the mass media? But there is more to it, and I say it is stupidity and incompetence.

    Germany has or had a “Snowpocalypse”, too. Yes, we have a lot of snow in Franconia. But we always had. While I was driving my car home I heard horror stories about stuck trains, people getting stuck on the road, and then the gas station had no more fuel because the fuel truck did not make it. Well, there were 1-2 cm snow on the road. Apparently that is too much for people these days.

    Trains could not deal with the cold, and there was a shortage of deicing fluid for planes. The winter service could not deal with the winter either.

    But that’s not because of the winter. It is just stupidity. Like assuming there would be no snow and low temperatures in winter. And no, the weather did not suddenly turn Germany or America into Arctica.

    Stay tuned for the summer heat wave catastrophe of biblical dimensions.

  2. You should step into a new MMO:




    These are questions that people asked over and over in the RIFT beta. The interface options are about 3 clicks away. No one even bothered to look.

  3. Both here in Sweden and Finland we have had a fair amount of snow, in Helsinki 20+ inches early in December already. The main problem is that the huge piles of snow have been blocking walkways, parts of roads etc because there has not been enough capacity to get rid of the snow in the city areas and dump it elsewhere.

    Train traffic is not working so well in Sweden, but that has more to do that they have cut down on maintenance in the past few years than that the winter would be anything special.

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  4. Yeah, pretty soon every kid will walk around encased in bubble wrap or something.

    I think back on the stuff we did as a kid… if some parent let their kid do the same things today, someone would call social services!!

    And Hudson… you are SO right. I had to turn off the idiot chat channel in the Rift beta. I hate the laziness of not even looking before you start to whine for help.

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  5. So how do you move chat windows? Is there a way to make more action bars? What’s a trainer?


    I’m going to pass on Rift. Seems like a mash up of Tabula Rasa, WAR, WoW and EQ2 (sorta). I’m good with WoW.

  6. When I was in Alabama, snow shut down a lot of things. I wouldn’t expect that of Ohio, and I certainly didn’t grow up with that as the norm (WA and UT). Snow can be dangerous to drive on, sure, but it’s not that hard to be careful.

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