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This may or may not be a serious issue; I haven’t spent enough time in the LOTRO Store to know if there is anything that can be bought for Turbine Points then sold or traded for in-game gold or if everything in the Store is bound, but… there is no additional security on the Store.

The few other F2P games I ever purchased “points” on — Runes of Magic, for example — have always had a secondary password for the Store which is separate from your login.

In LOTRO’s (and DDO’s) case, if your account is compromised and your account tied to your credit card, the hacker can buy all the Turbine Points he wants. Unlikely, perhaps, since the gold sellers committing these attacks just want to get in, get your gold, and get out as quickly as possible, but nevertheless there is a weakness just waiting to be exploited.

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  1. When someone logged into my account, I talked to support and one of the things I was concerned with was whether the thief would’ve spent all my points. The dude told my it was unlikely because there’s nothing you can buy with Turbine points that can be transferred or sold for gold that can be transferred.

    That’s not to say someone wouldn’t screw with you just to be an ass, though. But I guess most of these “hackers” are professionals, just wanting to get in, get the valuable stuff and move on.

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  2. Same thing is true of the C-store in Champions and Star Trek, there’s no password check when you buy stuff. I don’t think there’s anything trade-able in the Trek C-Store but I think there is in the Champs C-Store although I’m not able to double check that just now. Even if there’s not anything now, I’m pretty sure there will be once F2P launches on the 25th.

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  3. Everything purchased in the LOTRO store cannot be sold and is bound to account so you can’t sell it to vendors or AH it.

    However you are correct in that if hacked someone could buy points – not sure why they would but it is possible. But like pasmith says they could do it just to be a jerk and charge up your card.

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