Still Alive

Sorry for the lack of updates the past couple weeks. I was very busy with work since I had vacation coming up and haven’t been taking my laptop either, so no gaming on the overnights.

Vacation ended up being more impromptu than we like, but it worked out fine.

Plan A was an Alaska cruise. I had an interline discount for a seven night cruise with an outside cabin for $300! Unfortunately, it required more time than I had for vacation when you count traveling to Anchorage, starting the cruise in Seward then getting home from Vancouver. We needed two more days off than I had. Maybe next time.

Plan B was flying to San Juan for a Caribbean cruise that hit all (or most) of the Virgin Islands. Unfortunately, that cruise ran the week prior to my vacation, then is running this week, but not during the week I had off.

Plan C was skipping the cruise and just going to a resort in the Caribbean. Destinations to choose from were Aruba, Grand Cayman or one of the Virgin Islands (St. Martin or St. Thomas). I ended up picking Grand Cayman since we’d spent a few hours there on a cruise excursion a few years ago.

If anyone’s interested, I can write about the trip and the island later. Getting ready to start a trip in a bit so no time to go into it now. Just wanted to check in and let my couple readers know I’m still out here.

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