STO Series 4: The 2800; Episode 4: Facility 4028

When you visit a mysterious Federation holding facility to seek aid from an old enemy, you’ll find that you aren’t the only one that wants her blessing.

Commander Mesi Achebe informs Arwellyn that the Federation Council has authorized the release of the imprisoned Founder to meet Eraun’s terms so that he will help recover Deep Space Nine from Kar’ukan’s Dominion fleet.

Commander Achebe thinks someone who both Eraun and the Founder respects should handle the prisoner transfer, and Arwellyn in the obvious candidate. She transmits coordinates located in the Ayala system of the Regulus sector block, and Arwellyn immediately orders the helm to set a course. While enroute, Science Officer Lusura tries to research the Ayala system to provide Arwellyn with background information, only to discover that all records have been redacted by order of Starfleet Intelligence.

Arriving at the designated coordinates, sensors detect a large structure built inside one of the large asteroids nearby. A single Jem’Hadar vessel – Eraun’s – is also orbiting the station. The station’s Warden hails the Arkenstone, informing Arwellyn that her authorization to visit the station has just come through from Starfleet Command but refuses to admit the Vorta, pending further investigation. Arwellyn and one of her officers are authorized to beam to the station to speak to the Warden and release the Founder. Putting Lt. Commander Carem in command, Arwellyn and First Officer M’rilana head to the Arkenstone’s transporter room.

Facility 4028, as the prison is known, is a classified high-security prison reserved for the most dangerous criminals or those who are known to be major political targets, such as the Founder we are tasked to release. As such, the station is nearly fully staffed by photonics to avoid being manipulated by the prisoners. Only five humanoids work on the station, and only part-time. Arwellyn and M’rilana are instructed to meet the Warden in Isolation Zone A.

Arriving at the office in Isolation Zone A, Arwellyn interacts with the computer terminal and meets ISIS – the Inmate Security and Information System – which is the virtual brain operating the station. She acknowledges Arwellyn’s visitor authorization and access, then lowers the force field into the office where the Warden awaits.

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