Halo Wars Q&A

From my perspective, most of the fat that was trimmed came from the cinematics. There were many more characters to compliment Forge and Anders. But budget and disk space chopped a lot of that down.

Eric Best, Programmer

Splitscreen was working in the renderer and sim, and the network layer was redone so that it was decoupled from the "one player per box" setup that we started with.  But time ran out and there wasn’t enough time to finish the feature.  This was a painful one to not see come to completion.

Additionally we had a system which could pull down a MP balance tuning file where the designers could tweak the movement speed/DPS/etc. on all the units.  The game would check it every time it connected to Live so we could balance stuff without having to patch the game.  But once it was clear that designers wouldn’t be around to make the changes – we had to drop the system.


Thanks again to the fellows at Robot Entertainment who took a little time out of their day at work to answer these questions, and to Dusty Monk in particular who forwarded the questions to everyone then got the official clearance to send the answers back to me! Here’s hoping the team gets the itch and the opportunity to try their hand at another console RTS on the next generation of hardware in a few years.

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    Great post!! Your disclaimer certainly wasn’t needed; you came up with good questions and kudos to the ex-Ensemble guys for giving straight-forward answers.

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