STO Series 4: The 2800; Episode 5: Boldly They Rode

The captain must brave the vacuum of space and Kar’ukan’s forces to save DS9!

Commander Mesi Achebe contacted Arwellyn aboard the Arkenstone with orders to report to Deep Space Nine to convince Loriss and Kar’ukan to relinquish control over control of the station and return to the Gamma Quadrant.

[Voice of the Gods]

Once arriving near DS9, Arwellyn transports over to Eraun’s ship and at the bidding of the Founder, contact’s Loriss who immediately defers to the wishes of the Founder. She beams aboard Eraun’s ship as well and orders Kar’ukan to stand down. Believing the Founders have abandoned them, Kar’ukan refuses and goes rogue; only through death in battle can they regain glory. Arwellyn contacts Captain Kurland who is commanding the Defiant and explains the situation. Even when the allied forces arrive, Kar’ukan simply has too many ships at his command and allied casualties will be heavy. Arwellyn believes that if Kar’ukan himself is removed from the equation, his men will fall in line with the Founder’s will. The classic “cut off the snake’s head” scenario. However, there is no way to dock or transport aboard the station without being intercepted. Arwellyn suggests spacewalking to an entry portal and entering the station using Kurland’s security codes. Everyone agrees on that plan, so Arwellyn gets fitted into an environmental suit and exits the airlock onto the surface of DS9.

This marks the introduction of the environmental suit and its mechanics to Star Trek Online. We first (I think?) saw EV suits used in Star Trek: First Contact when Picard, Worf and Lt. Hawk spacewalk on the Enterprise-E to disable its navigational deflector to prevent the Borg who are assimilating the Enterprise from calling for reinforcements. EV suits were also used in an episode of the  Star Trek: Enterprise series. NASA refers to them as EVA (extravehicular activity) suits (though they have several varieties each with its own acronym) and I’ve been calling them that all along but according to the venerable Memory Alpha wiki, Star Trek calls them EV (environmental) suits, so I’m adjusting my phraseology for this post and hopefully beyond.

The item fits into the armor slot on your character sheet and once equipped, adds a new two-slot power bar to the top of your power bar interface. The first power is a toggle to activate or deactivate the suit. Once active, the environmental and lighting system turns on, and you’re ready to exit the airlock into the cold vacuum of space. The other power is reaction thrusters which are used to provide faster movement between navigation points, small pylons built onto the surface of the station. Lock onto any navigation point within 45 meters and activate the reaction thrusters to jump from point to point.

[Black Ops]

After putting on the EV suit, Eraun’s ship gets as close to the station as possible and Arwellyn drops out of the airlock onto the surface. Kurland sends a quick message calling for as much radio silence as possible to avoid detection. Probably would have been a good idea to say that beforehand, but whatever. First thing’s first: disable the local external sensors from the console nearby then activate the safety posts (navigation points) that maintenance workers use. Once that’s done, Arw jumps to a few navpoints when Kurland sends another message that she needs to reroute the external sensors as she moves using the nearby maintenance hatch, leading to the first “mini-game.” This one is easily accomplished with a notepad. There are a few sensor processor nodes nearby. Simply interact with them and note the filter positions of each sub-processor, then return to the maintenance hatch and manually set the filters to reroute them. The filter positions are different each time the mission is replayed, hence the notepad.

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