STO Series 4: The 2800; Episode 5: Boldly They Rode

A cut-scene shows a Klingon ship being shot down and it crashes nearby on DS9’s surface, venting plasma and causing electrical discharges along the station surrounding the crash site. Arwellyn jumps to a navpoint, walks around a discharge area then jumps to a few more navpoints when the crashed ship’s engine explodes, sending Arwellyn flying through space and using the reaction thrusters to land a few levels lower on the station’s surface. A few more navpoint jumps, one across a large gap where electricity discharges periodically so some very basic timing is involved in that jump, then a Jem’Hadar fighter comes close to investigate the Klingon crash. Arwellyn could be seen visually or by the ship’s sensors so Kurland has her quickly move to an overhang where she can use a computer control junction to do something about the ship. Aligning three isolinear chips (another “mini-game”) allows her to override the station’s weapon targeting systems and fire a few volleys at the ship, causing it to back off so she can continue her journey toward ops.

Finally, Arwellyn uses her suit’s reactive thrusters to power-jump on top of the Promenade, where she overrides the security protocols with Kurland’s codes and enters the station through a hatch. There are several nearby Jem’Hadar soldiers so she stays out of sight while she removes the EV suit and prepares to fight her way to Ops.


In “Second Wave” we also fought our way through DS9’s Promenade, but we had help from S’taass, and possibly one other NPC ally if the profession optionals are completed. This time, however, we’re all alone so the ground combat can potentially be a little more touch and go. I only had difficulty on the very first fight, and was incapacitated a couple times in that room before being able to move on. Once in the Promenade proper, I had no difficulties with the groups (usually three at a time) of Jem’Hadar. There are a few optional objectives in this phase of the mission. One is simply to locate some supplies, which are located in one of the vendor stalls. Another is to hack a computer panel to rig one of the environmental control systems to explode, taking out one of the groups of Jem’Hadar. Finally, once you take the elevator up to the Ops level, you can use a nearby panel to momentarily remove the emergency force field sealing off the damaged Promenade roof and defenestrate – yes, it actually uses the word “defenestrate” so congratulations to the writers at Cryptic for increasing our vocabulary – another group of Jem’Hadar, sucking them out into space then quickly re-engaging the force field. That one was fun to watch! Completing all three optionals gives the “Alert Intruder” accolade. Finally we enter Ops itself where Kar’ukan resides. Arwellyn confronts him but after a brief melee, he knocks her to the floor and beams off the station to his ship where he will lead his fleet against the few allied ships that remain.

[Fight of the Angels]

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