Steering Into the Final Turn

I’ve randomly mentioned a few times over the years that I really miss my tabletop RPG days. CRPGs and MMOs in particular just don’t convey the storytelling and character development of a real RPG. In fact, since computers really only do math, RPGs and especially the MMO flavor are simply combat games with advancement rather than development.

Scopique from has been running an online D&D game for some time now but it’s something that is scheduled for the same night every week, which means I am unable to commit to it.

I recently stumbled across some RPG blogs, one of which talked about playing via Google Docs Drive. So I forwarded the links to Scopique along with several emotes of the begging, pleading, puppy dog eyes variety. :)

He has agreed to run an asynchronous RPG — that way I can participate — over Google+ and it sounds like we’ve decided on the Pathfinder RPG as the more-or-less basis for the whole thing. I went ahead and bought the Pathfinder Core Rulebook from Amazon but strictly for the rules business, Paizo is kind enough to put all of it online via the Pathfinder Reference Document. If we’re successful, this will bring me full-circle in my role-playing hobby, back to the tabletop (even if it’s just virtual) environment!

I say “more or less” Pathfinder because it sounds like all the players (especially me) are more in it for the story than the die-rolling. Pathfinder seems a bit rules heavy (I had assumed RPGs would have become streamlined since my 2nd Edition AD&D and Palladium days, but apparently not) which in and of itself would not seem to lend itself to asynchronous online play, so we may end up not going the full-on rules route. That suits me fine anyway, my personal GM style was always rulings over rules, and role-play above all.

One of the players suggested the FATE RPG which he says is built around the story-telling and role-playing aspect of the genre over the mechanics and rules. I downloaded one of the PDFs but haven’t read it yet to get a feel for how workable it will be.

The fun and interesting part is that way more people were interested and signed up than anyone thought possible. Scopique has his work cut out for him — he decided to take all of us and interweave us between multiple parties, not to mention splitting us up solo at times — so there may be some possible PvP action if our groups are working on opposing sides of a goal!

I’m just excited to have an opportunity to do some real RPG playing for a change. I have all kinds of ideas in my head for my character, his back story and how I hope to develop him. It’s nice to dust off some of those ol’ neurons and exercise my creative muscles, something I don’t get (or take) as much time for these days.

2 thoughts on “Steering Into the Final Turn

  1. Pathfinder is often referred to as D&D 3.75. It’s effectively a step up from D&D 3.5 without going the crazy route of 4e.

    Very similar rules (d20 based system), spells, classes and creatures, just slightly evolved. In several ways, the power level of the game increased by virtue of the increase number of options and choices for character creation.

    Not a bad system, but not all that different from 3e/3.5e.

  2. I haven’t touched D&D since 2nd Ed AD&D so aside from I had an awareness that 3.0 and 3.5 existed, and that everyone whined that 4.0 was a tabletop MMO (Trinity roles?) I have no experience with any of it.

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