Two and a Half Games (Completed)

Outside the MMO side of things with Star Trek Online, Guild Wars 2, The Secret World and random dabbling in Allods Online, I have well over sixty games for the Xbox 360, only a couple of which I’ve ever finished.

Last month I completed the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier campaign and thoroughly enjoyed it every step of the way. The multi-player is still a bit glitchy and desperately needs patching, but the campaign was a lot of fun for me. It wasn’t old-school Ghost Recon (which I didn’t play back then anyway, my PC couldn’t handle it at the time) nor was it anything like the Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter series which I absolutely loved. Future Soldier is its own thing, and I was fine with that.


So far this month, I finally got around to finishing Syndicate last week. When I first got the game, I made it about halfway through the campaign before a combination of focusing more on other games then when I’d put the Syndicate disc in, it was to play co-op, which I played a fair amount of. Last week I figured it was time to start knocking some titles off my Unfinished List so Syndicate ended up first in line. I’d have to say from an overall view, Syndicate was on the mediocre side, slightly above the middle of mediocrity. Back when the co-op demo came out, Aaron and I both spoke of how the AI was very good. After more playing of the campaign, plus playing co-op with four players rather than just the two of us, I’ll revise that statement and say the AI is a bit on the aggressive side, very good at tracking you down and advancing on you, rather than “good” AI. Same for Mass Effect 3 for that matter. Boss fights were their own thing altogether, and many of them were frustrating affairs but soon enough you get into a pattern of breaching, circle strafing and hiding. One thing I discovered during co-op is that while you may have to get fairly close to start a breach, if you hold the button, you can turn away and run to hide as far away as you want and the breach will complete as long as you don’t let go of the button. Handy! I still have a few level-specific achievements to go back and get someday, but as for the campaign, I’m happy to have Syndicate completed finally.

Medal of Honor

Yesterday morning I finished Medal of Honor, the 2010 franchise reboot. I picked it up cheap several months ago on the recommendation of both Aaron and Wiqd who both said the campaign was excellent. They were right! I started the game Monday on Hard difficulty and made it to the last mission Tuesday evening. It’s a short campaign, though that’s sadly typical of most shooters these days. At the time of completion yesterday morning, Raptr had me tracked at a total of seven hours with MoH, but that includes possibly an hour total of multiplayer back when I first got the game (yes, the multiplayer is really as bad as reviews said) so I’ll just say six hours start to finish for me on Hard difficulty, and I felt I was taking it slow and cautiously plus several instances of dying and having to repeat from the last checkpoint. Considering I got the game for $20 even the six hours in the campaign I felt were worth the price of admission. The campaign was really a lot of fun and while it did feature many scripted set-pieces that were very Hollywood in nature, it felt more toned down and realistic. Exciting, yet believable, not the Michael Bay level of high adrenaline ridiculousness that the Call of Duty franchise specializes in. I did more of a review on Google+ yesterday which I won’t repeat here, but suffice to say from a technical standpoint MoH had its share of cons in addition to the pros, and I hope Danger Close learned from them for the upcoming sequel.


I’ve already decided the next game (another shooter, go figure) to tick off my list will be Operation Flashpoint: Red River. Like Syndicate, I was roughly halfway through the game, but after finishing Medal of Honor yesterday, I put in Red River and now I’m only two missions from the end. I’d still love to see how the online works but I only have one friend with the game. I also picked up the Leviathan DLC for Mass Effect 3 which has three achievements (one is missable) so I may plan on doing that Sunday. After that, it’s anything goes. I’ve been very slowly plugging away one quest at a time in Fallout 3 but I can’t really say I enjoy that game so I tend to play one quest then put it away for a month or more. I have so many half-started games it’s not even funny, and more on the way. I should really pick up Divinity 2 again and finish that, I think I was just over halfway finished last year when other games took me away from it.