2013 Resolutions

Most of my 2013 Resolutions may end up being the same as my 2012 Resolutions, most of which did not come to pass for a number of reasons, unfortunately.

The two big expenditures I had planned were: laser eye surgery, which I did list on my 2012 Resolutions, and getting a new living room furniture suite, which I did not. My girlfriend has been in support of the laser eye surgery up until this year when she was suddenly very much against it, citing long-term studies just coming out saying it "doesn’t take" in many or most cases. I don’t know. I’d still like to do something though. Eyeglasses suck, and that’s the best thing anyone can say about them. The big derailment came from having to replace my HVAC system unexpectedly, which cost me just over $5,000 and put my personal spending on hold.

Real Life Resolutions:

  • Get my résumé updated and apply for jobs. Looks like 2012 will be the next big pilot hiring boom, and I would like to be caught in that particular explosion. :)
  • Finances. Other than a few minor tweaks to my 401(k) I still have no idea what I’m doing with investing, stocks, or anything else. I may end up needing someone who can teach me face-to-face for this one, or at least get me pointed in the right direction and occasionally shove me when I turn off the path.
  • Alcohols. I still don’t know my wines, though we did go to a wine tasting at a local winery in St. Augustine and I brought back several bottles that I enjoyed. I’ve learned to appreciate a couple Malbecs but haven’t bothered to memorize which ones. I read that one Malbec is just as enjoyable as the next, but in practice that simply has not been the case. My girlfriend had been on a Merlot kick for a few years but now she’s switched to Cabernets and Malbecs. I still prefer vodka in my drinks and earlier this year I did my own grapefruit-infused vodka which was tasty! Bitter drinks still don’t cut it for me, although I’ve had two whisky-based drinks recently that oddly enough I enjoyed.
  • Balanced life. If anything, due to my schedule and being left alone most of the year, I’m probably worse off right now than I was this time last year. Funny thing about being left all alone is that eventually I just get used to it and even though I might crave company and socializing, the moment I get it a sense of resentment at interrupting my solitude and my "do what I want, when I want" enters the picture. It’s very strange and I don’t appreciate it. I did learn a few new places around me, but not in the areas I’d hoped to explore, which I still haven’t explored in any fashion whatsoever. Maybe in ’13…
  • Sports. Ha! I still hate sports. I had planned on at least following the local NFL team, the Jaguars but holy crap they’ve had such a lousy season, mostly phoning it in except for what, two efforts which had some excitement? I just couldn’t be bothered other than checking the Jags official app weekly or so to see how badly they lost. I think what most of us are hoping is that for next season some contracts are non-renewed. We still have some dead weight players and some prima donnas who either do not, can not or will not pull their weight. But hey, it’s winter and snowboarding season has started and the X-Games are next month so that’ll be good!
  • Relationship. In terms of our overall relationship, affection, growing as a couple, 2012 was a good year. Spending time together, however, was not in the cards anywhere near as much as either of would have liked, as implied in the "Balanced life" bullet point. My schedule was pretty rough most of the year and often I was home when she was traveling for work or to care for her mother. Her condo was recently sold so she’s in emergency "find a place to live" mode right now and I’m hoping she gets a place closer to my condo so we can see each other more often during the times we’re both home together. I have no plans on moving or buying a bigger place the two of us can share until I find out if I’m able to get a new job or not.

Gaming Resolutions:

I didn’t do this last year, but this year’s should be simple enough.

  • Stop buying so many games! In theory, this should be easy in 2013. The current console generation is winding down and now that the big fall season of weekly AAA releases has passed, I can stop looking forward to the next releases and instead focus on actually playing and completing the 70+ Xbox 360 games I own.
  • Try to get back into MMOs, at least a little. Last year I was pretty heavy into Star Trek Online and it’s still my favorite but doing the same dailies every day for the 8K Dilithium limit per day finally burned me out. I’ve been in-game the past week for the Winter Wonderland and it’s been fun and the game still has a nice community for the most part and plenty of players at any given time of day which is important to me with my unorthodox schedule. Guild Wars 2 turned me off almost immediately but maybe sometime in 2013 I’ll be willing to patch it up and give it a fair chance. The Secret World is one that I did really enjoy in terms of setting and storytelling but it’s a difficult game to solo and there were never any players to group with during my normal play times. Now that TSW has adopted the "Buy2Play" model (please work on shifting Age of Conan to that this year too, Funcom?) the couple times I’ve logged in, I’ve seen launch week quantities of players running around so hopefully that will continue.
  • Prestige at least once! Much as I’ve griped about Call of Duty games, Black Ops II is my favorite multiplayer game right now. I got to level 50 (out of 55) pretty quickly before new games like Far Cry 3 took me away but I’m in a bit of a quandary: do I get 55 and Prestige immediately or do I get to 55 then hang out and get a bunch of Golden Guns before Prestiging?

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