Resuming Allods?

I wrote about Allods Online a few years ago, probably during beta but never really played the game so I missed the whole launch Item Shop Debacle. I did install the game last year sometime and made a handful of low-level classes, finally deciding to “stick with” (inasmuch as we blogger-types stick with anything) the Arisen Heretic, a Healer archetype for the Empire.

A couple weeks ago, right about the same time I was kinda-sorta getting it in my head that maybe I would start looking at getting back into Lord of the Rings Online finally, some other traditional MMO fantasy themeparks came into the Google+ discussion threads. Of course, Trion announced RIFT was going F2P which was, and still is, big news. Somehow Runes of Magic briefly entered one of the conversations. Hudson and I both agreed it was a good game, and I did really enjoy playing the Priest/Knight class combo up til around level 30-ish give or take when I got stuck with a bunch of group quests but no one available in the mornings to group up and do them. [Familiar story around this blog, I know…] I halfway considered reinstalling it today, but Jeremy nipped that idea in the bud by beating me to the punch then dropping the news that — at least on the Artemis server — RoM is practically dead. There’s only two guilds left on Artemis who run end-game at all. Shame…

So, I patched up Allods, which has had several updates and launched its latest expansion today with a couple events (one gives a free mount if you login every day for the next 28 days, for example) and set out to re-learn my Heretic. Not too difficult, really, he was only level 14 with a handful of skills on his hotbar. Several quests later, he’s now level 15 and earlier today I hooked up with one of the more well-known guilds on the Yul server and joined them. So far a friendly bunch, they don’t mind that I’m casual by necessity, and they do both end-game raiding and Astral PvP which is totally my scene assuming I end up liking the game enough to get that far. So, hey, I’m excited now to be playing Allods and seeing what that game is all about! Plus, if I do end up taking it to level-cap, it would make a great experience for me to do that in a designed-from-the-ground-up F2P game rather than my usual Western former subscription converted to F2P/Freemium.