About PI.net

Pumping Irony has gone through a few iterations of itself as well as a few disastrous server and hard drive crashes. The final crash a year ago lost all prior data and in my state of annoyance I took a full year off from blogging. I did not fully leave the MMO blogging community, though until recently I’ve been mostly lurking and reading the blogs, being most active in MMO forums such as MMORPG.com. However, for better or worse, I’m back.Me? I’m Scott, also known as Talyn among my internet and gaming friends, or alternatively Talyn328 in those occasions where someone else got the name first. Oh, and just to get this out of the way, it’s pronounced the same as “talon” [tal – uhn] (pronunciation and audio at dictionary.com) not Tay-lin or Tay-lahn or any other bizarre pronunciation. I’d love to have some extravagant and meaningful story as to how I came to the name Talyn, but alas, it’s not to be. I’ve used the name since my early days of BBSing as a kid (yes, there was “online” before the internet!) where I quickly learned from frequently being grounded and other forms of punishment just how expensive long distance phone calls can get at 300 baud. Anyway, the local BBS I frequented made a complete hardware alteration with no means of copying the data over. I didn’t like my old nickname and Talyn just popped into my head. I answer to both Scott or Talyn, though, since I do have friends who just can’t wrap their heads around the fact that Talyn is supposed to just be an online nickname so they call me Talyn offline too. Oh well… it’s all good fun. Obviously given the timeline I just mentioned, there was never a such thing as Farscape for me to have borrowed the name from. In fact, I’ve still never seen the show. I did see the weekly trailers and promotions on the Sci-Fi Channel when the show was still on but the Cheese Factor appeared to be a bit high for my liking so I never watched it. I’ve also had many people assume I was female because of the name, which led me to believe that the Farscape Talyn character was female, but according to Wikipedia (ugh) Talyn was a male sentient spaceship.

By trade, I am a pilot at a regional airline in the US. I am currently a captain in the CRJ-200 and CRJ-701 series regional jets, and am actively looking to take the next step up in my aviation career. The aviation industry doesn’t interest me enough to actually blog about it, not to mention the inherent dangers to my job if I happen to say the wrong thing and anyone from management happens to find it. Obviously videogames, and the MMO subgenre specifically, is a huge hobby of mine thus that will be the overall theme for this blog from here on out.

Oh, incidentally, yes the phrase “pumping irony” was borrowed from Robert Plant’s song “Heaven Knows.” So there. I also enjoy programming, though I’ve never had a project that kept me involved long enough that I’d actually call myself a “programmer.” I’ve dabbled in C#, Perl, PHP, and Visual Basic (not the .NET version) most recently. Haven’t touched C++ yet though I did debug a friend’s C++ project without knowing a damn thing about the language. Some (not all) programming languages just seem to make sense to me and I can understand them quickly.

I also enjoy reading and writing. I typically used to read the fantasy genre, though I’ve tried to broaden my horizons in fiction. I’ve really enjoyed all the Dean Koontz books I’ve read so far, as well as Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake and Meredith Gentry series, although I feel the more hardcore her sex scenes get, the less poignant the overall stories become. I have several of my own story ideas in varied states of development if I ever decide to take the bull by the horns and write them. Someday. Seriously!